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Retailers – What if there was a way to:

Uncover lost sales opportunities on an hourly basis
Improve your staff ratios to match your busy and slow periods
Set informed goals for improving closed sales
Increase store traffic, sales frequency, and bottom line
Evaluate your advertising’s effectiveness
Compare traffic week to week in order to manage your business more effectively

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Welcome to TRAX.

Specifically built with the many needs of the retailer in mind, TRAX will show you things like how to close more sales, manage customer follow up, and improve customer satisfaction.

Do you know how many customers each of your sales people speak with each day and how many don't buy anything? How about knowing how many prospects were in your store and didn’t even get approached by a sales person?

Well, don't ask your sales people! Ask Trax and check your bottom line.

How can you manage what you can’t measure?

Get all the information you need to make informed business decisions and increase your profits.

Always know exactly the staff levels needed on the floor and when.
Always know exactly the sales each employee makes… and doesn’t make.
Always know which products receive little customer interest, which ones are being purchased, and which ones are NOT moving at all.
Always know exactly which customers and prospects to target for marketing campaigns as well as which campaigns work.
Always know your stats real time at the store level on your own personal internet page 24X7.

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