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TRIBUNE Project Management:

What if we could provide to you a tool that can be applied globally to improve the project management in your business and therefore your bottom line. Would you be interested?

Project Management is one of the most popular management techniques used in the business arena today. Since many project managers apply their profession internationally, it is important that they use the same methods and terminology. The result of consistency across the profession is cost savings with no more time or effort wasters.

WE know that YOU know project management which is a methodology used to manage the effort of people, equipment and material to achieve a specific set of goals and objectives.

YOU also know that:

Today Project Management methods are being used in construction, computer systems development, meeting planning, banking, food and restaurant operations, movie making, manufacturing, utilities and many more. Whether you are redoing your supply chain, deploying personnel or rolling out a new product: project management is needed

Welcome to Tribune’s PRT module! Realize significant time & resource savings

If you’re like many of the Project managers out there you are busy and are looking for a system that can keep up with you AND make your life easier.

PRT automates the collation, analysis and presentation of the key indicators you use to manage your organization’s portfolio of programmes and projects. PRT brings it all together for you being a web based content management solution designed specifically for Portfolio, Programme and Project Management content.

Benefits to you the project manager:

Complete projects on time and within budget
Increase team productivity
Bring more transparency into accounts
Increase project success rates
Keep them on target, informed and focused on results

Features of PRT:

Unified and timely Management Information reporting across projects, programmes and portfolios
Automated data capture from source
Manual input by exception only
Improved efficiencies in:

Programme office
Project and Programme Mgt reporting
Output distribution and timeliness
Full audit trail for amendments, changes, deletions

Report version and change control.

Tribune offers many business solution products to help manage your business and take you to the next level including collaboration, process management and document control.

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