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Do you often wonder how you are doing in your customers’ eyes or how your workers are interacting with Management? Have you asked yourself lately…

If my staff were becoming less satisfied at work – would I know about it?

If my management team felt angry about a certain policy – would I know how to fix it?

If my clients were slipping away – would I know why?

Do I have a clear understanding about how my staff, managers, and clients feel about me, my business, or my products and services?

What if there was a way to

Find out how your staff really felt about working for you.
Get a statistically accurate assessment of your managers.
Gain an independent evaluation of how your clients like doing business with you.
Comply with ISO requirements for client satisfaction surveys.
Measure the results against international standards.
Identify not only the problem – but be shown what to do about it.

… would you be interested?

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Welcome to Tribune’s Metrix Survey Tool.

Developed in partnership with MIT, Metrix is unique from the many other “survey” products on the market because it is an objective, statistically accurate survey tool. Not only is every section cross referenced and every response is validated, this means that we require a sample of your population as low as 10%. If we get that then your survey is completely accurate.

Don’t ask just “any questions” and leave them up to YOUR interpretation. Metrix uses a library of tested, complete questions so there is no room for human interpretation and error. It is a flawless system.

Metrix allows you to assess your people, your strategies, and your organization online from anywhere in the world. The report generated from your survey identifies problems, not symptoms, and provides strategies to actually correct the problems… strategies that you can begin to implement immediately to see direct results.

Let us help you to know if your business is healthy in the eyes of your staff, suppliers or customers. Metrix gives you the power of knowledge and foresight in your business.

Can you afford to NOT take a look at this product?

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