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Concentrate on what you do best – making profit. Don’t spend precious time and resources doing activities that are best done elsewhere for efficiency such as inventory management, order processing, re-ordering, packaging, storage and shipping. Fulfillment outsourcing has taken a very decisive direction in the last few years, especially with the increase of online retailers. The overhead and labor costs involved with inventory management, packaging, shipping, and product tracking can become very costly to a growing merchant, and can take valuable time and focus away from their business.

A growing trend for business specialization and improvements in technology has made way for affordable and efficient alternatives to the historic methods of order processing. Technologically advanced fulfillment centers have the ability to take over many of the product management and delivery tasks that burdened so many businesses in the past. With plenty of warehouse space, fulfillment centers will securely store all your products and manage your inventory levels as orders are processed. When orders are placed, your products will be barcode scanned and accounted for in the computerized fulfillment management system. Set your own re-order points and never find yourself in an embarrassing out of stock situation again.

Real Profit Solutions Inc works with a well established fulfillment center in Canada and manages both retail/wholesale products and marketing materials for large multi-location companies.

Their services include;

Receiving Warehousing Pick and Pack
Custom Branded Packaging Kit Assembly Mailing Services
Worldwide Distribution    

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Online Retailers

Did you know that 44% of online retailers lose money on their shipping and handling? This means Business to Customer sites have to operate on thin profit margins in order to stay competitive with their online alternative. Fulfillment centers are able to purchase shipping materials in bulk and distribute this saving among their clientele. Furthermore, with a fulfillment center, you are able to keep your costs low, speed up your processing time and lower your inventory requirements, thus giving you a profitable edge over your competition.

Fulfillment offers an automated ordering system that connects into you current shopping cart/ecommerce system and automatically sends each order transaction to the fulfillment warehouse to begin processing. As a partner in fulfillment, Real Profit Solutions provides the technology support for new and current online retailers to setup their ecommerce shopping cart and integrate their current setup into the Fulfillment Ordering System. Read more about Real Profit Solutions Ecommerce Fulfillment Services.


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