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TRIBUNE Human Resources:

As you know human resource management policies are vital for organizations who are serious about resolving personnel issues and finding hr solutions.

Tribune HR provides the tools to help you assess, manage and develop your people more effectively than you ever have. This is the key to building your business advantage.

Our Proven technology has been successful to many styles of clients.

"By harnessing the power of real time solutions through a powerful comprehensive integrated HR workflow enabler, you will find that it is an investment that will pay dividends beyond your expectations."

Casey Cleland
President & CEO, HR Online Inc

Human Resource departments have come to realize that they need an intelligent, integrated system that helps their HR vision to become reality. In an increasingly competitive and volatile market, success depends on identifying and developing your key leaders in your organization. You need to engage the power of your people for your business in a positive and knowledgeable way.

HRO Performance Development Smart Suite™ of products has seven operating modules managed by an administration module. This enables any combination of operating modules to be linked in any combination. The full suite provides a totally interactive, comprehensive integrated solution that provides a strategic competitive advantage and is the cornerstone of corporate efficiencies.

Identify your team member core competencies

Record individual & business appraisals carried out through the Performance Measurement environment to provide specific access to the results and a history of measurements company wide and individually. Allows daily performance reviews linked to your job descriptions and company procedures.

Build your Business Advantage

Most superior performers do what they do “naturally”; they neither know what they do, nor can they describe it accurately.

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