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Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Your sales training can’t start on time because your team is stuck in traffic.
The wrong version of the proposal you spent hours preparing is accidentally sent to the printers.
Travel expenses keep going up while profit margins stay slim.
The form you requested last week still hasn’t made it back to your desk.
Your ISO certification is looming – how can this process be managed while still maintaining productivity?
Communication in the office is at an all time low.
You want to grow your business but are finding it difficult to control.

Tribune, which complies with maintaining Best Practices and ISO accreditation and is recognized as a leader in its field by the British Standards Institute, is a business “management” environment – it helps you manage your business more efficiently, streamline your operations, find better ways to do the things you do, and help save you money.

If you could:

Ensure your staff read every bulletin and company update

Publish all your procedures AND the necessary forms to your intranet

Allow secure access to every manual and policy in your organization

Easily use score-card management to track your projects

Find out how your employees, staff, management feel about issues

Do all this without using your IT department’s valuable time and resources

… would you be interested?

Are you doing what you do the best way possible – or is there room for improvement?

Do you rely heavily on paper and someone else knowing which document is up to date – or do you sometimes just hope and cross your fingers?

Is your staff or sales team able to communicate to one another or their prospects – or is there a better way?

Are you getting all the information you need to make better business decisions – or could you know more?

Let us show you how Tribune can answer all of these questions.

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