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TRIBUNE Process Expert:

What if there was a way to know exactly where there is “waste” in your company? If we would show you where you are losing money, what each part of your operation “costs”, where your profits are coming from and why, how to ensure nothing but quality from your employee ranks, would you be interested?

Contact us today for more information or to download a free 30 day trial to see what this is all about?

Do you consistently have employees asking what they should be doing and don’t understand why they are not performing to your standards? Are you tired of continuously having to train and explain? You need to plan, map and manage your processes.

Presenting Process Expert Professional. PEP is a process planning, mapping AND process management solution. Do you think you know your business or do you KNOW your business?

By mapping your processes you can immediately see where there is waste in your business and how to create a “cost benefit”.
Link documents to your process maps at key junctures to provide the tools your staff needs to work efficiently. Your better-organized business runs more efficiently.
By publishing your training manuals and forms, your staff can be better managed and stay educated on new procedures. Empower your staff to take ownership of their part of your company processes.
By costing your processes, you can see exactly which streams lose you money, which ones make you money. Make better business decisions based on real process financial model.
PEP provides a structural layout of how your business is organized, where the holes and redundancies are, and enables informed decision making.

Free 30 day trial
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BSI Management Systems concluded that Process Expert Professional is:

Easy to use
Tried and Tested
Already used by several hundred organizations around the world
Available in a range of languages

‘In mapping its processes, it has been found that Process Expert Professional has lived up to expectations.’

All businesses no matter the industry or channel of that industry need to define their processes, map them and manage them. This will ensure that a structure is in place for all factors of your business to come together and be managed.

Manage your training cycles, understand your costs and therefore your profits, know your supply chains and distribution. But the real key is you may understand but do all your managers and supervisors understand what the bench marks are?

Your business is doing well but do you ever wonder what you could be doing to increase profitability to the next level…?

Free 30 day trial
Activation required after download



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