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What is Document Control?

Very simply, document control is the ability to manage the change and evolution of your documents (spreadsheets, presentations, graphics etc). But a document control system is much more than that.

What if there was a way to

Always ensure your documents are secure, up to date, and current.
Eliminate the guess work about who has the latest document version and how do we make changes to it?
Ensure staff always have access to current Policies and Procedures and other important manuals.
Make sure only authorized changes to documents are permitted and completed efficiently.
Fulfill your ISO standard for document control.
Eliminate playing tag with email documents.
Limit information access by person in the company without getting overly complicated. (eg. Sarah doesn’t have permission to view page 10 of document 12)
Lock people out of printing documents so as to go paperless.
Archive old documents so as to always have history.
Not have to involve your IT department with yet another tool so they can concentrate on what you hired them for.

… would you be interested?

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Welcome to Tribune’s Document Control. Tribune’s Document Control comes as part of the Tribune Business Management Solutions package, saving you potentially thousands of dollars for a system no business should be without.

Are you asking – Why do I need Document Control – everything is fine without it!

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

The presentation you open up in front of the Board of Directors – is the version with the company President’s name still spelled wrong.
The Policies & Procedures Manual you just asked your staff to make sure they read – was an old copy prepared before last year’s revisions.
New staff are asked to review the Training Manual and prepare questions – all of which were taken care of in up to date version that’s sitting on your desk, waiting for approval.
ISO compliance is approaching – but there is no plan in place for storing your important, confidential documents; no structure set up to allow for changes to documents?
Your emails are always laden with attachments that have review notes made by everyone on the committee – how do you know any more if you have the latest copy? Are you wasting your time making changes to something that was changed three versions earlier??
Unauthorized access to a document was given because the new employee didn’t know any better.
The legal proceedings, the architect’s drawings, the financial statements – any number of important documents that your business needs to keep on hand and account for – are they secure? Do you know how or IF you are protecting them?

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