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Real Profit Solutions is proud to offer a business tool to help our customers with another stage of their business communications. Virtual Fax is a fantastic service that allows you to receive faxes electronically from anywhere in the world and send faxes to anywhere in the world. All with a click of your mouse! Imagine the power of moving your faxes online with electronic backups.

Virtual Fax is an Internet based fax service that enables you to send and receive faxes using your email. Virtual Fax Services allows you to stop wasting money on fax paper and fax toner. All faxes sent to you will be converted into digital format and then sent directly to your email. There is absolutely no loss in fax quality and you have the benefit of your image editing tools to clear up of those faxes you usually get that are hard to read! Best of all is that with Virtual Fax you receive an 800 Number to receive faxes on. This allows your clients and customers to send faxes to your company toll free! This 800 Number is included when you purchase Virtual Fax Services, so you do not have to worry about receiving a long distance bill!

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Virtual Fax™ is a convenient, email-based fax service.

Virtual Fax enables online fax by email using existing email accounts and the Web to send and receive "virtual" faxes without a fax machine. With Virtual Fax, sending fax to email has never been easier.

Virtual Fax eliminates the high cost and maintenance of fax machines, fax lines, fax servers, supplies and long-distance service.

Virtual Fax is a simple and user-friendly online fax service, allowing anyone familiar with email and the Internet to get started quickly.

Virtual Fax is the perfect solution for:

      • Call centers
      • Retailers
      • Human resource managers
      • Financial and insurance institutions
      • Mortgage brokers
      • Real-estate and mobile sales agents

We are a proud myFax virtual online fax affiliate. To learn more about pricing and sign up for this great program, click here

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Virtual Internet Fax - Efax Services and Internet Fax Solutions Perfect for your Business on the Go
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