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Data Capture Software - Keep Track Of Your Customers.

Real Profit Solutions Inc, specializes in offering technological data services that are results focused to our customers. Such as Reverse or Phone Number Append, Phone Real Time Number Validation, telephone append, annexing telephone or phone numbers, attaching phone or telephone numbers, telemarketing Data Supply, csr Data Supply.

If you could know who is on the other end of a telephone call inbound or outbound and have the ability to save time and money at the same time would you be interested?

Companies with telephone reps make money on 3 crucial factors, client reliability, support rep knowledge and call time handling. Reducing the amount of work a support rep has to do while on a call can make a difference of hundreds to thousands of dollars per hour.

For outbound reps it is all about the speed at which you can finish the call with the sale. Our unique data capture software enables your agents to save time and take more calls, have virtually flawless records on consumers they are talking to.

Accurately described as “caller ID on steroids”, you have real time access to 150 Million records that are updated monthly. Simply by inputting the phone number of the client, the rest of their contact information is displayed on the CSR screen. You save time, money and can immediately view valuable up-sell data.


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